Ready to adopt a Yorkie puppy from teacup puppy home? There are many ways to purchase and get the puppy of a lifetime. If you are local you can visit our home in person to make your purchase today! Not local? Follow the guidance below to reserve your dog today for a later pick-up or shipment! (there might be exceptions due to COVID-19 ). If you have any questions or need further aid, Contact Us.

How It Works

Contact us to approve that the puppy you’re interested in is still available.
The amount needed to purchase the puppy will be paid which is refundable to hold your puppy for pickup or shipment. 
Contact us to make a reservation.


Nanny service available. We can put you in touch with one of our committed nannies who will transport your puppy to you. They will stay in the cabin with their nanny and be cared for during their journeys.

We welcome you to fly in to pick up the puppy of your aspirations. The closest airport to us is San Antonio International Airport and we can meet you there to hand-deliver the puppy.

Ground Service available. We can put you in touch with our reliable ground transport service who will bring your puppy to you. It may take a little longer but your puppy will be very well taken care of and treated by a member of their family while on its journey to you.
you can drive in to pick up your new puppy in our establishment.

The minimum cost of shipping our teacup puppies is $200 depending on where you are located and there is also a home delivery (Puppy is shipped and delivered to your doorstep) which is available at an extra cost of $50.

Once we confirmed purchase from clients, we will process all necessary documents and register your puppy for transportation to an airport location closest to the receiver for pickup. The delivery schedule will always depend primarily on the available flight. After we successful register of the Puppy for transportation, you will be contacted for confirmation.

<<Your Puppy's safe flight to your location is 100% guaranteed. They will make sure your Puppy gets the best transportation conditions and treatment, ensuring the dog gets to the new owner in perfect health state>>.