Welcome to our database of Teacup Puppy Home reviews.  First, we will thank our astonishing clients for sending in their testimonies. Without doubts, it is always good to learn how much all of our hard work is apprehended by our clients. It is always nice to hear the kind-hearted expressions of wonder our clients have to tell. Unquestionably, we see these miniature teacup puppies as our surrogate fur children. We hope you enjoy viewing down through some of these testimonials.
We thank our wondrous clients who provide such unimaginable homes for our fur babies.
You guys are AWESOME!!!!

Amanda Kim.
NC | Breed: Yorkie
 ★★★★★I was doubtful about buying from Teacup Puppy Home at first. You never know what you are getting into, but I will tell you, take the step of faith. Jason was transparent with me and has been super communicative throughout the process. I took my baby home yesterday and she has been so helpful in promptly replying to all of my questions. Baby Bella is a gorgeous, tiny and playful little Yorkie . Thank you, Keren 🙏🏻
Cray William.
Kentucky | Breed: Yorkie
We absolutely love the puppy we got from teacup puppy home. She was exactly as specified- even cuter. She is healthy, cuddly, and the ideal addition to our family. The owner of teacup puppy home was incredible. He made sure even a single part of the process went easily. She even arranged for our pup to be safely flown to us since we live out of Texas. The personalized service and attention we received were outstanding. We would recommend teacup puppy home to anyone thinking of adding a tiny, new family member to your home. They are astounding!! Great job- exceptional experience!!

Scott Malvin.
Texas | Breed: Yorkie
Outstanding service, quality pets! I love my Mini Yorkie Daisy! She’s like having my first grandchild! I would recommend coming here for all of your pups this is my third baby from teacup puppy home and I don’t even reside in the state anymore, yet I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Adrian D.
PA | Breed: Yorkie
This establishment is amazing including all the staff plus, both partners Jason & wife are wonderful! I purchased a Teacup Yorkie which is the love of my life. When I spoke to Jason I told him I needed a very tiny girl.....I did a special order with him and I can't tell you how happy he made me....my little girl is now 12 months old and her weight is only 2.5 lbs. I waited 4 months for this beautiful and well worth it! The store is so clean a wonderful. I had to go through an orientation with Jasons' wife to learn how to take care of such a tiny baby and Jason's wife was marvelous plus she gave me her personal phone number in case I needed her! I highly recommend this Teacups Puppies Home when looking for a teacup Yorkie!

The Scott Family’s Experience
Texas | Breed: Mini Yorkie
our new furry “BUDDY “.
Teacup Puppy Home you are the best. Will unmistakably recommend you to order from them...Great Overall Staff. Breeder, Morgan, Jason, and many more that made my experience easy and satisfied. The Puppy was a gift for my daughter's Birthday surprise present...having a Best Friend is the best gift we could give her and she loved it....we LOVE our little puppy so much every day just for the fact that he is not growing old".

Antonio A.
Washington | Breed: Yorkie
Love my Yorkie
Got my little Yorkie Pedro and he is the cutest. Very satisfied with my new companion. Thanks, teacup puppy home for such an amazing dog.

Florida | Breed: Yorkie puppy
Thank you Jason... we love our little Princess (formerly Millie!)
Our puppy concierge, Gissell, was very helpful and the process was a lot of fun! It is an exciting time for us and we are so happy to welcome our mini Yorkie into our home. She is sitting right at my feet as I write this! The whole experience was great ... but, there could have been less anxiety awaiting her arrival. I felt that information was slow in coming once we selected Millie and you received payment. Things such as her current food and feeding recommendations, flight arrangements, Pedialyte, NuVet Plus all arrived and we delivered with her at once. I am happy to report that her flight came in on time and we were so happy to see her. She was happy, alert ... and her cage was clean! Such a good girl. We were all excited! I have already recommended you to others!

Marcus G.
Spain Barcelona | Teacup Yorkie

Michael H.
Alaska | Breed: Yorkie
Pretty good but not great
For starters, I will preface this by saying I am located in Alabama. When I first contacted a salesperson, he was extremely unresponsive and did not listen to any of my suggestions/preferences. After prolonging the arrival of my puppy I was then switched to a woman named Lindsay who was excellent and made everything very smooth and easy!

Donna B.
California  | Breed: Teacup Yorkie
Happy Puppy Owners. We appreciate the information provided on the website. Everything about choosing the puppy and staying informed worked well for us. We were eager to find a Teacup Yorkshire Terrier puppy with the potential of growing less than 03 pounds and at the same time very worried about the long flight and changes of aircraft but our puppy arrived anxious to get out and was quite active despite visible signs of fatigue. We are thankful for your company and assistance while waiting for our puppy to be delivered.

Anastacia .M
Maine | Breed: Mini French Bulldog Puppies
We received our healthy puppies. Our babies are growing energetic and are very cute every day! Thanks to Jason who followed up my initial contact because I wanted to be sure before bringing my wife into these. it was a surprise for our twin's birthday, you would not guess what... the surprise would be one of the best ever, the children totally love the Puppies and we think of ordering one again soon for my mother. Our babies would be smaller than we really wanted but if your heart is broken and you must have a puppy now then, you are at the right place at the right time. We were so worried about quarantine and grounded flights since we passing through this great period of  COVID-19, we were not allowed to pick up the pets from the airport in person. We received our puppies at home on the day they arrived and the delivery team was very fast and caring, the way the puppies played the day they arrive could testify, we were quick to bond together and the children can't thank you enough, we can only say "Teacup Puppy Home" you are the best. To us, you are the best place to get a fur baby online and in the comfort of your room room".  We met our expectations seeing the qualities ineptitude puppies we receive our vets and neighbor totally appreciate the way you raised them because we have never had any complaint from Our vet he said the documents you sent are okay and it was easy for him to continue with the shots and vaccines from where you left, each follows up is easy for us since we did everything just as you always recommend, We would be sending you more updates.

Taylor S.
California | Breed: Yorkie
Excellent service !!!!!!
I am definitely a designer dog person. I love designer dogs and have had them as pets for most of my life. Some have been rescued, one bought, and some have been gifts. Our Yorkie, now weighing 2 pounds but I think she might gain a few more. Yorkies are extremely rare and expensive. If you are going to spend that kind of money I suggest you call Jason here at Teacup Puppy Home.

Steve L.Maine | Breed: Teacup Yorkie
I just wanted to say that your team is so kind-hearted and professional. I bought Becca our Merle Toy Yorkie for Christmas 2019, and was expecting some Christmas chaos but, Jason handled everything so well. I was happy to submit a 5-star review for everything especially for all your calls and assistance all through. Our Puppy is already famous, everywhere we go, people ask where I got her, most people didn’t even know there was such a thing as a Teacup Yorkie but voila, lucky me I got the best! Thank you,
When I purchased the puppy, they made several promises about the safety of the puppy, the health of the puppy, the commitment to our satisfaction, and how they would do follow-ups after we received the puppy until it seemed too good to be true. We decided to give it a try, we have been so happy from the moment we received her because they kept all their promises. We couldn't be happier with their service.

Jerry P.
Portland | Breed: Teacup Yorkie

Heather V.
North Carolina Breed: Teacup Yorkie
Yorkie Puppies was wonderful. They not only answered all my questions immediately, but they kept me informed on the whole process from the time we picked out and purchased our puppy to the time our puppy arrived. They made the process very easy. They provided me with everything I needed to bring our puppy home. Our puppy was very healthy and traveled very well. We couldn't be happier with our choice.

Frank C.
Alaska | Breed: Teacup Yorkie
Teacup Puppy Home is a great establishment. We were very happy with what we purchased from them the customer service was good and everything else was absolutely awesome thank you so much I would recommend you to anybody.

Jean M.
North Carolina | Breed: Teacup Yorkie
A very happy puppy
Having to be careful of not getting a pup from a puppy mill. I feel that this was the best decision. Seeing the little video of him play and alert show this was the one. He has a very happy puppy and is doing all the things puppies do to go get into puppy trouble. 

Carolee E.
Michigan | Breed: Teacup Yorkie
The puppy was very healthy we
The puppy was very healthy we love him thanks

Tammy R.
Virginia Breed: Teacup Yorkie
Puppy Love
I love my puppy from B-T Breeders

Michael H.
Alaska | Breed: Teacup Yorkie
I am located in Alaska. When I first got an account manager he was extremely unresponsive and did not listen to any of my suggestions/preferences. After prolonging the arrival of my puppy I was then switched to a woman named Lindsay who was excellent and made everything was very smooth and easy!